RiDE Magazine

I joined the RiDE team in October 2015 as Art Editor, quickly settling in to develop a well performing monthly magazine. Every month I craft the magazine cover to cover to make it varied and unmissable for modern UK motorcyclists. The key to RiDE’s design is to give it an exciting and value-packed feel, with engaging variety throughout. One of the biggest challenges on RiDE lies in image repro, with many bikes painted in out of gamut colours, and photographed by many different people. I practice non-destructive editing in order to bring the images to life, and bring them back inline with what the readers know the colours to be. Every photoshoot was booked by me so I could really take control of the product from front to back. View my work…
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Improve Your Coarse Fishing Magazine

Improve Your Coarse Fishing is Britain’s biggest-selling fishing magazine. In 2012 I moved across to give it a fresh new look. The pillars of the magazine are relaxing and inspiring reads, instructional how-to features with diagrams and step-by-step sequences, and trusted kit reviews. As an Art Editor on IYCF you need to be a master in communication. Conveying a complicated knot tying sequence or rig building diagram requires careful planning and execution. IYCF had a complete digital process, which is were I began to develop good photoshop skills in image manipulation and reprographics. View my work…
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